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John’s Drive In opened in 1977 and has been a local and visitor favorite alike ever since.  Big John and his wife Pat purchased the property where John's sits and with their three teenagers as instant staff, opened John's.  Creating a menu that would be become beach road classics, John and Pat worked to create staples like the dolphin boat with homemade tartar sauce and chocolate peanut butter milkshakes. Big John loved talking to and watching his friends and customers as their children were born and grew up over the years enjoying their meals at John's.  Those children would grow up and then bring their families to John’s and the tradition was born. The family lost John, Sr. in 2007 but because Little John had worked there with him for so many years he was able to continue the family tradition without missing a beat continuing to serve the same families year after year for 13 more years.  In July 2020, John and his family sold John's to another local family who has vowed to carry on the tradition of John's for many more years to come.  The dolphin boats, shakes and puppy cups will live on and families from near and far can still order a flavor of their childhood for years to come.  

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The dolphin boat is one of the most talked about meals on the sandbar. Grab one to go and enjoy it for a scrumptious lunch on the beach. It might just be the best fish you taste on the Outer Banks. There’s also BBQ, hamburgers and sandwiches at this old-fashioned drive-in. You can smell the food frying as you approach the stand, which means it’s time to indulge in onion rings, hush puppies and fries.

The Jordan's transitioned to John's in summer 2020, and got right into the swing of things slinging chocolate peanut butter shakes and dolphin boats of day one of the owner transfer. Keeping the tradition of John's alive, their hands on approach in the kitchen show their dedication to the atmosphere and flavors of the drive in we all love.


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